Academic calendar

  • Each academic year consists of Trimester terms. These terms are from :
         Oct to Feb
         Feb to Jun
         Jun to Oct
  • Each semester term consists of 15 teaching weeks, including orientation, exam weeks and term break.
  • Day full time students - daily classes commence at 08.30am and end at 17.00pm depending on your individual lesson schedule. (Weekdays only)
  • Evening full time classes - commence from 17.30pm and end at 20.30pm. (Weekdays only)
  • Part time classes commence from 08.30am to 17.30pm Saturday and Sunday depending on your individual lesson schedule


Cambodia Public Holiday - 2020 :

DATE Holidays
01 Jan International New Year Day
07 Jan Day of Victory over the Genocidal Regime
08 Mar International Women's Rights Day
13-16 Apr Khmer New Year's Day
01 May International Labor Day
06 May Visaka Bochea Day
10 May Royal Ploughing Ceremony
14 May Birthday of His Majesty, King of Cambodia
18 Jun Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen-Mother
16-18 Sep Pchum Ben Day
24 Sep Constitution Day
15 Oct Mourning Day of the Late King Father
29 Oct Coronation Day of His Majesty, King of Cambodia
30-01 Nov Water Festival
09 Nov National Independence Day