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Programme Structure

Our Bachelor is a 4 years degree spread over 3 study terms each year – a total of 12 terms. Each term, students are only required to attempt a maximum of 3 modules. This approach allows students the time to assimilate the knowledge and skills comprehensively and to reflect and improve on one’s learning process.
It is conducted over a modular system allowing new students to enter the program in any one of the Trimester intakes.

Year 1 is the Degree Foundation year that aims to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills essential for further studies. It seeks to educate, develop mental capacity, broaden the mind, and to instil lifelong study habits. In combination with each student’s major program of study, the foundation year works on students to achieve a balanced, practical Khmer liberal arts education.

 Subsequent years (Year 2 to 4), students will identify the field of specialisation in order to pursue the degree of their choice. More advance and complex subject matters will be taught progressively to equip our graduates to be competent and confident employees, entrepreneurs or to continue with further studies. Students will be exposed to various extracurricular activities e.g. internships, corporate visits, business games, to consolidate their learning and put theories into practice.

Mode of Assessment
Generally, most modules adopt a 40% coursework and 60% end of term examination to assess on the attainment of knowledge and skills. In the final year, students will also be required to complete a dissertation or project as a capstone unit.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor Entry requirements

EAMU only offer degree programs conducted in English. It is a requirement that students choose the international pathway for any degree completion.
Students who wish to study in a Bachelor degree are required to submit the application documents as shown:

   1.Original copy of Bac II (G12 national examination) certificate or equivalent     certificate.Equivalent certificates include the GCE 'A' level or the IB certificates.
   2.Five (5) copies of 4 x 6 photo (Recent photo)
   3.Transcript of Records (Score Report) from High School
   4.IELTS 6.0 equivalent in English proficiency. English entrance test provided     upon application.

Note: The students must have the Bac II certificate.
Student without the necessary English proficiency will be required to attend between 2 to 4 months of Business English classes subjected to the IELTS score.

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