Principal’s Key note

Our Early Years Program caters for students from 1.5 to 6 years old with an all-encompassing syllabus that covers traditional academic subjects such as English and Maths alongside a play-based learning philosophy combined with the UK-based International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

We thoroughly believe that students learn best when they can actively experience and interact with their world and we are able to facilitate this with dynamic and interactive classrooms, with learning centres provided in every classroom.

Your child’s social and emotional development are central to our Early Years program. We provide a nurturing, caring environment which is the perfect educational foundation for students progressing to international primary or grade school.

Our Primary Programme offers international and bilingual education from Grades 1 – 6. Harrods International Academy primary program fuses together the best of the Singaporean standard for education in English and Maths with the international mindedness of the UK-based International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC follows the British National Key Stage Curriculum, which provides a great foundation for those thinking about studying abroad in the future.

The in-depth Singaporean Maths and English program allows students to have strong understanding of the fundamentals, but is taught in such a way that it is still appealing and exciting for students. The English syllabus covers grammar, vocabulary, creative writing, speaking and listening as well as other strands. ZYIS students are particularly confident when it comes to speaking and regularly take part in speaking and writing competitions, which hones their individual skills. Maths is given an equal amount of focus within the curriculum, and it is taught to the rigorous requirements of the Singaporean Ministry of Education.

The IPC ensures that learning is fun, engaging and relevant to students. It covers a broad spectrum of topics including History, Geography, Society, International, Science, ICT, Physical Education, Technology and much more. This curriculum fosters independent thinking which, when supported by our well-equipped classrooms, results in a comprehensive and solid educational foundation.

Our Khmer-bilingual program is taught by competent and qualified Khmer teachers and meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.