EAMU’s Career Placement


EAMU prepares her students ready for decent employment by providing relevant curriculums most needed by industries and customizable career placement services. EAMU works with both local and international industrial partners to widen employment opportunity for her students. Job Replacement services are created to ensure that her students are well-connected to potential employers, and employment agencies. EAMU helps her students find internships and practice interviewing, encourages employment agency to offer professional counseling and job leads to job seekers. EAMU prepares her students to access various forms of Job Replacement Services including Career Advising and Exploration, Career Assessments, Employer-Student Meet-ups,Career Related Workshops, Webinars, and Events, Career Resources, Employment Opportunities, Job Search Strategies, Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation, Resume, Cover Letter and Thank You Letter Writing.
EAMU’s Board of Governors, Academic Board and faculty members which have strong education profiles and working experience in industrial world help conceptualize the EAMU’s degree program and ensure that program delivery would meet employer needs;

  • EAMU’s students are prepared to engage a prescribed set of activities each year that become progressively more intensive based on class level. Our freshmen are prepared for the first and important stage of job orientation for their fundamental knowledge in engaging in writing resume, creating LinkedIn profiles, and attending career fairs and employer sessions. For seniors, activities may include internships or creating a portfolio or reflection paper. In addition, we regularly organize a seminar on Career Talks once/twice a year to allow students to learn more about a chosen career from practitioners;
  • By working closely with our partners, our students are engaged to be more
    closely with on‐campus recruiting, career fairs, and relevant internships and Career Services;
  • EAMU also encourages Recruiters to conduct on‐campus information sessions and interview days in conjunction with career fairs and panels. This arrangement will allow some recruiters post positions in advance on e-Recruiting so students can pre‐apply for positions.
  • EAMU facilitates field visits to industrial site to allow our students get some introduction on work and overview of the industry. This will connect our students to present themselves to employers.
  • EAMU is incorporate online technology to support career placement services to facilitate remote networking between employers and her students. We arrange a Zoom Talk/Skypes so that employers can conduct interviews remotely as well as multi‐screen facilities.