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MBA (Global Business)

Programme Objectives

Master of Business Administration in Global Business is an international oriented program designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required by managers and professionals engaged in businesses operations at the international stage.


CORE units for both MBA (Global):

    • Accounting for Managers (ACC 8001)
    • Economics for Managers (ECO 8001)
    • Finance for Managers (FIN 8001)
    • Managing Organisations and Change (MGT 8001)
    • Strategies in Actions (MGT 8009)

Specialised units for MBA (Global):

    • Managing Global Business (GBS 8001)
    • Global HR Management (HRM 8001)
    • International Marketing (MKT 8008)

Project Assignment components:

    • Research Methodology (SQM 8002)
    • Capstone Project Assignment (RES 8002)
    • Bachelor degree holders with 3-5 years working experience;
    • Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Professional qualification holders with 5-10 years significant full-time working experience;
    • Senior managers/directors with extensive working experience to contribute to academic rigour. Interview with Head of School (HOS) is required;
    • IELTS 6.5 equivalent in English proficiency for all categories.

(subject to confirmation)

MBA (Global Business)

Year 1
Term 1 Credits Term 2 Credits

1.    Managing Organisations and Change

2.    Finance for Managers



1.  Accounting for Managers

2.  Global HR Management*



Term 3 Credits Term 4 Credits

1.    Managing Global Business*

2.    Economics for Managers



1.  International Marketing*

2.  Strategies in Actions



Year 2 (Term 5 and 6)
1.      Research Methodology 4
2.      Capstone Project 12
Exit Requirements for Nested Postgraduate awards within MBA

    1. Nested Postgraduate Certificate in Management

Students who completed any 4 core teaching subjects (exclude Research methodology) may exit from the program with the Postgraduate Certificate in Management award.

    1. Nested Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Students who completed any 8 teaching subjects (exclude Research methodology) may exit from the program with the Postgraduate Diploma in Management award.

    1. Alternately, these students with Postgraduate Diploma in Management (nested) may proceed to complete the Project components, and upon successful completion be awarded the Master of Business Administration

Students will receive only one award in this pathway – the highest award, and will be recorded in the Registrar’s academic records as such.

Exit Requirements for MBA (by Coursework) award

Students are required to:

    • Pass all 9 teaching subjects.
    • Pass the Capstone Project written report
    • Pass the Project presentation (with defense)
    • Achieve a minimum attendance rate of 90% (full-time).


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