I. ECA Talk

It is the opportunity to the students to learn from different environment than classroom. This benefits the student to learn very effectively and efficiently. ECA Talk is one of the event of the Extra-Curricular Activity that play a crucial part in the lives of all students.

Topic: How to Reinvent Yourselves in University Life and Reach Your Potential (18 August 2022)

Topic: Waste Management (11 June 2022)

II. Personal Development Workshop Series

This is the year 2 students’ specialized training program. Every training topic is intended to give the learner knowledge and experience regarding business etiquette. We make an effort to make sure that our students are prepared for employment once they have graduated.

Topic: Dress Sense and Make UP Session (5 September 2022)

Topic: Dress Sense and Make UP Session (5 September 2022)

III. Career Preparation and Development Talk

Our students will hear from a special guest speaker who will share their knowledge and experience in their profession. The majority of the topics are career placement-related. It is a great opportunity for the students to interact with industry professionals and subject experts.

Topic: Career Path (8 September 2022)

Topic: Having Hard Skills Get You Hired, Lacking Soft Skills Get You Fired (24 June 2022)

IV. EAMU Road Show 

For two days, EAMU held a road show event at Eden Garden to publicize a scholarship announcement and provide details about the university’s six degree programs. Everyone is welcome to the consultation to learn more about EAMU, especially grade 12 students.

Theme: Ride the Next Wave to Success (27-28 August 2022)

V. EAMU Culture Day

Cultural diversity makes a university better places to learn and it also the part of what makes university unique places for innovation, growth, and success. EAMU organized the Culture Day on April 7 2022. The Culture Day event is much more than just a chance for students to meet new people and share their origin stories.

EAMU Culture Day (7 April 2022)

VI. Degree Foundation Year Graduation Ceremony

We also celebrate students who have successfully met the academic and extracurricular requirements for their graduation. It is a really special event. It allows students to brush away the stress of years of hard work and that lingering feeling that they forgotten to do something, and celebrate with the people who have been on this journey with them.

Degree Foundation Year Graduation Ceremony (11 March 2022)

VII. EAMU Orientation Program

These activities are designed to foster friendships among newcomers as well as connections with more seasoned students at their new schools. New students get the chance to become familiar with the services and resources offered by their school during student orientation.

EAMU Orientation Program (27-28 January 2022)

VIII. EAMU Open House Event 

It is an annual event and an important one for the university as well. Our students get the opportunity to participate in event organizing so that they can learn about the process as well.

EAMU Open House Event (30 November 2021)