Alumni - East Asia Management University

Student Library

The Student Librarian assists in the daily operations of the library by providing excellent service to help patrons in their academic programs and making sure the library is a desired study location. This activity not only ensures that the library runs well on a daily basis, but it also helps youngsters develop a feeling of responsibility, accomplishment, and self-esteem.

Student Volunteering

Students who volunteer gain life skills and become well-rounded persons. Students have the chance to study and develop into contributing members of society by starting out young. As they engage themselves in activities outside of their comfort zones, they develop their life skills.

Student Birthday

A birthday is believed to be just another day, so why bother celebrating it? A birthday, on the other hand, represents your starting and the joy of life. Every person on the planet has been given the opportunity to fulfil their own personal mission. A birthday is a significant and memorable occasion that should not be overlooked. Celebrating students' birthday can help maintain motivation and commitment to continuous effort and hard work. Celebrations are not only a form of encouragement, they also drive students to stay on track and stay motivated with their learning.

Sports and Fitness activities

Sport and exercise can provide a vital mental and physical outlet for college and university students, especially given the ever-changing pressures of modern life and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. All games are set to free-play in the room. The Game Room provides a welcoming, pleasant environment for students to unwind and connect with friends and people who share similar interests. Game, sport, and exercise boosts young people's self-esteem and cognitive performance while also protecting them from mental health issues and also help students perform better in the classroom.

Student Clubs

Students benefit greatly from clubs at university because they can meet people who share their interests, gain exposure, have opportunities to advance in leadership roles within the organization, have more opportunities to find their passion, and establish their own credit for the future. All students are welcome to join any of the student clubs offered by EAMU, including the Social Club, the Sports and Fitness Club, the Art and Painting Club, the Public Speaking Club, and the Music Club..

Student Concil

You may develop important university-related abilities including leadership, communication, teamwork, organization, and public speaking through student council. These abilities are extremely helpful not just in the classroom but also in co-op programs and job applications.