Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting

Accounting is a critical and integral aspect of business life across all sectors, industries and national boundaries, and remains as one of the fastest growing areas of business activity. Financial accountants report on the performance of an organisation while management accountants provide financial information and analyses to help with strategic planning and operations.

This programme offers you an excellent foundation for those who desire to gain a professional accounting qualification. It exposes students to the theoretical and practical aspects of accounting in recording and reporting of financial performance, monitoring and controlling of financial activities and resources. It is designed to enable graduates to make effective contributions to an organisation at a junior managerial level.


Career Opportunities 

What can you work as with this degree: 

•    Financial Accountant.
•    Management Accountant.
•    Financial Analyst
•    Company secretary
•    Auditor
•    Forensic accountant
•    Stockbroker


Year 1

  1. Study skills in English
  2. Business Mathematics
  3. Khmer Cultural Studies
  4. Communication Skills in English
  5. Introduction to Accounting
  6. Introduction to Information systems
  7. Fundamentals of Management
  8. Introduction to Economics
  9. Cambodia Public Administration
  10. Introduction to Business

Year 2

  1. Principles of Management
  2. International Business Environment
  3. Business Statistics
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Economics
  6. Cost Accounting
  7. Business Law
  8. Innovation & Entrepreneurship I

Year 3

  1. Managerial Accounting
  2. Financial Marketing and Institutions
  3. Management Information Systems with FinTech Application
  4. Auditing I
  5. Taxation I
  6. Financial Management
  7. Innovation & Entrepreneurship II
  8. Computerised Accounting

Year 4

  1. Global Strategic Management
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Forensic Accounting
  4. Global Corporate Accounting
  5. International Development in Accounting
  6. Advance Corporate Finance