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EAMU Overseas Study Exchange to Singapore and neighbouring countries are organised at the Year 2 of their degree program. Currently the university is in discussions with several universities and exchange organisations in ThailandVietnam and Malaysia to expand this program to more destinations and give maximum value for dollar spent. Details are publicised in the campus’ Notice board for application.

Overseas study exchange is an excellent way to learn when in other countries without the burden of too much expenses and having to spend extended period away from home. It presents an exciting opportunity to know new people, cultures, living lifestyle, and experience and share on things and happenings. For some, such programs can prove to be highly beneficial in one’s personal growth and widen their worldview and perspectives.   

Study Exchange Photo of East Asia Management University in Cambodia

Here are some of the benefits to participate in an overseas exchange program:

  • Build one’s confidence and independence. Even when the exchange may be only a short period of a few days, the preparations for the trip and those actual encounters overseas can motivate a student to take initiatives and be flexible to adjust to new situations.
  • Provide the opportunity to use and improve on a foreign language. There is no better place to improve on one’s language skills than to use it in which the native speakers use. At times, you may even pick up another language in the host country.
  • Invaluable exposure of a life time. Exchange program enriches one’s understanding of the daily events and activities in another culture which will be beneficial for the rest of one’s life. You are also likely to make friends through this visit and improve your social and communication skills across cultures.
  • More job opportunities. Employers prefer staff who are globally exposed especially those working in companies with international operations. Companies value staff with qualities such as cultural empathy, adaptability, international knowledge and network.

 So take the opportunity to enrich yourself with this once in a life time experience. Who know, with this experience, you may become a regular traveller round the world after that.

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