Career placement

The CPC seeks to assist the University in encouraging in students a vision of what they want to become or where they will be after graduation while also balancing this vision by raising knowledge and comprehension of the career options for the degree or program they have chosen. It helps students build professional skills and prepare to enter the job market or graduate education. Career counselors can help students choose a major and minor based on their career goals and advise them on when to take certain courses.

Professional Skills Training Program

    • Getting a job
    • CVs and Cover Letters
    • Applying for jobs
    • Job Interview
    • The importance of being career ready
    • Skills required to be career-ready
    • How to become career ready

Soft Skills Training Program

    • Work Smarter, not Harder
    • Be confident and committed
    • Be solutions-focused
    • Communicated Effectively
    • Work as a team
    • Act Collaboratively
    • Never Give Up

Career Preparation and Development Talk

    • Technological Innovations in Digital Economy: Applications, Challenges and Trends of Digital Banking Technologies
    • Career Paths
    • Tips for your interview
    • Technological Innovations in a Digital Economy

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