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BSc (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management Year 1

Programme Objectives

The logistics and supply chain industry is an important driver of economic growth, and is increasingly important in today’s globalisation and ecommerce evolution. The important roles of transportation and communication of economic activities cannot be overemphasized. This program is designed to provide students with knowledge in purchase and procurement, supply chain management, warehouses and distribution centres management, along with an understanding of global supply chain constraints as well as the legal implications.

The programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) is offered to equip students with the technical knowledge and skills to commence and upgrade their career prospects in a dynamic industry of logistics.  It is practical-based in nature which seeks to equip students with the technical aspects of logistic and supply chain management. It covers subjects like Transport Management, Warehousing Management, E-Commerce with Logistics, Project Management and Project Work, Supply Chain operations and other useful subjects in business.


Year 1 – Foundation

1. Introduction to Mathematics
2. Study Skills in English
3. Khmer Cultural Studies
4. Communication Skills in English
5. Introduction to Accounting
6. Introduction to Information Systems
7. Fundamentals of Management
8. Introduction to Economics
9. Cambodia Public Administration
10. Introduction to Business

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