PENSS Scholarships

(PENSS-Cambodia for Public School Students)

Terms and Conditions for PENNS – Cambodia Scholarship for EAMU awards only

1.1   Applicant will be eligible to apply for this scholarship when he/she achieved a Grade A at the National Grade 12 Examination in the current year and with English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or more. 

1.2    This scholarship is 100% fee waiver of the Total Course Fees, which includes Tuition fees and Material fees. Both Administrative and annual Examination fees are payable, which may be exempted on a case-by-case basis.

1.3    Applicant will be required to take the EAMU English proficiency test to determine their English level prior to apply for the scholarship. 

1.4    Award of the scholarship is determined by the EAMU Scholarship Committee. The decision made by the committee will be final in regards to the awards.

1.5    This scholarship is valid only to those who study their entire 4 years Bachelor degree at EAMU in Phnom Penh and graduate with an EAMU award. Any second degree award from UK partners will not qualify for the waiver and the full fee is payable.

1.6    This scholarship is administered by MOEYS via the respective public schools’ administration. Students who are eligible should approach their school administration office to apply for this scholarship. Details will be announced by the school Principal once the details are provided by MOEYS.

1.7   Scholarships are renewed annually subjected to high academic performance of holders. Failure to maintain his/her grade at least at the designated level will result in a reduction of the quantum for preceding years until the grade is restored.

1.8    Any gross misconduct or severe disciplinary actions taken against a scholarship holder will result in an automatic withdrawal of the scholarship.