Enrolment Policies

1.      General

1.1    EAMU is committed to creating educational opportunities including opportunities for individuals who did not follow the traditional route to higher education but aspire to succeed.

1.2    EAMU is committed to providing access to higher education through flexible entry and exit arrangements and granting credit towards courses leading to Cambodia NQF qualifications.

1.3    Entry points are consistent with the descriptors for Cambodia NQF qualifications and include entry points at Foundation, Associate Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters Levels.

1.4    Entry into at the first year level EAMU undergraduate program normally requires:

  1. a Grade 12 Bac II Certificate (Pass); or
  2. High school diploma from recognized international schools in Cambodia; or
  3. any qualification equivalent; or
  4. completion of a relevant course of study recognised as compliant with a National Standard for Foundation Programs e.g. in Australia and UK;
  5. (for mature age applicants for admission) a significant period of employment in the area of proposed study, demonstrated knowledge related to in the area of proposed study and appropriate levels of literacy and numeracy. Application is subjected to MOEYS approval.

1.5    EAMU reserves the right to refuse admission to a qualified applicant where:

  1. the limit on available places is exceeded; or
  2. there are not appropriate and sufficient personnel resources or number of students to enable the course to be offered; or
  3. there are other restrictions or applying to the course.

2.     Procedures

2.1    Applicants are required to attend an English entrance test conducted by EAMU.

2.2    Where application for admission is made on the basis of specifications set forth in para 1.4 (a), (b) (c) above, applicant provide original statements of results and certificates or certified copies thereof.

2.3    Where certification and/or documentation is in a language other than English, a certified translation may be required.

2.4    Where application for admission is made on the basis of para 1.4 (d) above (mature age applications for admission) the application process includes but is not limited to:

  1. the submission of document setting forth particulars of employment including tasks undertaken; and
  2. demonstration of literacy and numeracy through an appropriate piece of written work or through an assessment conducted by EAMU.
  3. submission of application to MOEYS for approval.

3.      Dissemination of EAMU’s Policies on student admission

3.1    EAMU’s Policies on student admission are made known:

  1. on the EAMU website www.eamu.edu.kh
  2. in the Student Handbook;
  3. in the Staff Handbook;