It was a very great experience for me as a university student to have studied my foundation year at EAMU. Life has changed so much for me. I started to explore and realize that there are so many things in the outside world. Moreover, I also learned how to make connections and relations with other people such as classmates, seniors, staffs, and lecturers. I can’t wait to see my junior who will finish high school soon. One of the most memorable things was the experience of being a leader of a sports club. In this position, I have learned how to organize events, create activities, and solve problems. Thanks to EAMU for giving me this opportunity. Furthermore, there were also tons of support from staffs and lecturers that help me in all the activities and also my study. These are my great experiences at EAMU. Wanna have the same experiences as me? Come to EAMU!!

Khov Sanusy
Year 1 Student 2022