My experience at East Asia Management University has been very remarkable. With EAMU, I am able to go on with the career goals I have. Due to the short duration of EAMU’s existence, people around me have always questioned my decision on enrolling at this institution. However, with one year of schooling, I am able to say that this university is trustworthy and gives excellent quality. Having said that, I am extremely grateful to EAMU, as this institution not only taught me about the ideas in the book, but also provided me with practical life experiences to enhance the student for the real world and put our studies into action. In addition, the school’s excellent facilities made it easier for me to study, particularly the library’s extensive collection of books and eBooks. Not to mention, I have met fantastic people at this institution from professional professors to staff members and classmates. Everyone has been extremely kind and always willing to lend a hand when I needed assistance. With all these incredible facilities and people, I have always looked forward to attend my university every day.

Luy Sovanliza
Year 1 Student 2022