Studying at EAMU has brought about a positive change in me. From being a quiet girl to a confident outspoken person. EAMU has given me multiple opportunities to get myself out of my comfort zone. The school hones both her students’ hard skills and soft skills. It presents a style of learning that engages the students actively, pushes us to speak more and share our thoughts. It does not limit the creativity of a student but instead embrace it. Though I did have a hard time at first as I would have butterflies in my stomach whenever I need to speak up, I gradually become better at giving speeches. I am also grateful for all these new friends who supported me in my foundation year journey. Moreover, EAMU has organized many social events for students to participate in which allows us to learn beyond what we could in the classroom, like hosting talks, as speakers or getting us involved in organizing events. In short, what I love about EAMU is how they do not just train us to be competent but prepare us to be ready for work in an organization.

Vathna thavary
Year 1 Student 2022